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Our services include:

Find a customized approach to your estate.

• Wills

• Living Wills

• Power of Attorneys

• Guardianships-Conservatorships

• Civil commitments

• Health care surrogates - An adult that is appointed to make healthcare decisions should you become unable to make them for yourself

• Trusts

• Estates

• Probate -  supervised the court process for identifying assets and heirs of a deceased person, paying decedent's debts and distributing assets. This process is needed to pass ownership of the decedent's assets to beneficiaries. The probate process is also necessary to handle decedent's financial affairs to  ensure any creditors of the estate are paid.

When you're looking for the right approach to your estate and your assets, we are eager to show you what we can do.

Looking for help with estate planning?

When you picture your life 30 years in the future, what do you see? A retirement home on the beach? A well-planned distribution of assets? Or a large question mark?

Everyone's idea of end-of-life planning is different, but when you have questions or needs, no one can assist you like we can.

From helping you get started to completing the process, we will help you through it all.

Estate planning doesn't have to be a challenge.

Custom solutions

Jeff Goodman, P.A., proudly serves Jackson, Holmes, and Washington Counties as well as the surrounding areas of Northwest Florida.

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When you want estate planning services, we're eager to assist. From property law to mediation, we can cover all of your legal bases.